Food To Increase Sperm Count
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Food To Increase Sperm Count

Food To Increase Sperm Count

Food To Increase Sperm Count

Women are thought to be their most fertile when they are of child-bearing age. But what are the fertility measurements for men? Men might not be at the mercy of a biological clock, per se, but there is a measurement for determining fertility – semen volume.

Fertility in men decreases with age, thought not as markedly as with women. Does boosting semen volume result in better fertility? What else should men know about fertility? Keep reading for the answer.

Sperm volume, sperm count, stamina, virility … Oh boy!

For a man, fertility is directly associated with sexual performance. And stamina, performance and virility is all associated with a man’s production of semen. How does it relate?

Here are the facts. For couples wishing to conceive, sperm count, ejaculatory volume and seminal quality all correlates to the likelihood of getting pregnant.

And men with a higher ejaculatory volume has a more intense, more pleasurable orgasm. It’s all about the contractions; the more contractions you have during an orgasm, the more pleasurable the experience.

Not only will you benefit from an increased number of contractions, your partner will as well. Women are turned on by a higher ejaculatory volume, thus a man’s reasons for wanting to increase his volume.

Food To Increase Sperm Count

What affects fertility and ejaculatory volume? A number of factors directly contribute to fertility.

The first is a man’s age.

Diet also plays a role.

Heredity and genetics are contributors.

Others factorsd include exercise habits.

And finally, the frequency of sexual activity.

Tips for boosting your fertility.

There are natural means for increasing your seminal volume – relevant especially if you are looking to conceive.

Maintain adequate hydration. Seminal fluid is composed mostly of water, so hydration is critical. Exercise also is important. Be sure, too, to eat a healthy diet rich and proteins and low in fat.

Zinc and amino acids also increase semen volume naturally.

Semen pills, supplements meant to boost your semen production and enhance sexual pleasure, are available if other methods fail or if you’re looking for a quick solution. Some reviews of these products are available by clicking on the banners you see on this page.

Food To Increase Sperm Count

Following my proven tips can give you the fertility boost you seek while improving your sex life when you eat the right Food To Increase Sperm Count.

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